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Mar 08, 2019 · How to Pull Data from Another Sheet on Google Sheets on PC or Mac. This wikiHow teaches you how to pull data from other sheets in a Google Sheets document as well as how to pull data from a separate Google spreadsheet.

VLOOKUP Examples in Google Sheets . Google Sheets is an Excel competitor, but allows more collaboration options as it was born in the cloud. Many functions in Excel are also in Google Sheets, and many Excel spreadsheets may be converted to Google Sheets and vice versa. However, you cannot use one program as a reference for the other. How to vlookup matching value from another google sheet? Supposing, you have following two google sheet files, now, you need to vlookup the matching value in one file from another one, do you have any good solutions to finish it?

In case you get a dataset where there is a minor difference in the names in the two columns, using the above-shown lookup formulas is not going to work. These lookup formulas need an exact match to give the right result. There is an approximate match option in VLOOKUP or MATCH function, but that can’t be used here.

Attendance System using Barcode, Smartphones & Google Sheets NBS Use Case: Tracking Attendance Keeping track of student attendance can be time consuming and inefficient when entering in by hand manually.